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The Venice Community Housing Corporation(VCHC) is planning a massive new development – the so-called Rose Avenue Apartments — on Rose Avenue that will span two lots and rise 45’ (nearly twice the height limit of the Venice Specific Plan). Moreover, VCHC is doing no environmental review and has decided not to seek approval of the Venice Neighborhood Council.

Be Heard! If you oppose this project as proposed – and are offended, as we are, that VCHC would disregard the VSP and seek approval without going before the VNC – please make your voice heard by sending this one click email to Mr. Netburn and, attending the hearing.


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Let’s Fight Back, Venice!

Subject Line: Re: 718-720 Rose Avenue, Venice–Rose Apartments/CPC-2018-2140-CU-DB-CDP-SPP-MEL & VTT-82253/CEQA No.: ENV-2017-2141-CE

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Dear Mr. Netburn-

I am opposed to VCHC’s Rose Avenue Apartments project as proposed and disappointed that Venice Community Housing Corporation could not work with the community to build housing that respects the current Venice Specific Plan.

This project will be 45 feet high (20 feet higher than the Venice Specific Plan allows) with no step back in height as it goes up on the west side (a virtual 45 ft wall on Rose Avenue). With necessary electrical and air conditioning units it will reach the 50-foot level. The building also does not meet the Venice Specific Plan parking requirements and lacks parking for all residents and guests.

It is most concerning that this project was not properly brought before the Venice Neighborhood Council in order for the community to give input before proceeding to City Planning. With density almost double that permitted in the zone, and no environmental review, this is an unacceptable as proposed.

Please reject this proposal and require VCHC to work with Venice residents on a project consistent with the VSP and the characteristics of our community.



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