BE HEARD: Important VNC motions this week. Show your support!!!!!




Date:  Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Time:  7:00 p.m.

Place:  Westminster Elementary

Address:  1010 Abbot Kinney Blvd. (parking on Westminster)

Please attend this highly important meeting.  There are TWO AGENDA MOTIONS THAT AFFECT US ALL.  BOTH ARE STAKEHOLDER PETITIONS:
1.  Keep the Venice Median as Open Space and not changed to Neighborhood Commercial zoning.  This motion addresses the seriousness of Sea Level Rise along the Venice Coastline.  This motion also addresses why building 140 units and placing some of our most vulnerable, the severely mentally ill in a Tsunami Zone, a Flood Zone and a Sea Level Rise zone is a bad idea and a bad investment.
  • 12. A. Denial of Zone Change for the Venice Median from Open Space to Neighborhood Commercial
  • MOTION: The Venice Neighborhood Council strongly recommends that the City Council and the Coastal Commission DENY CPC – 2018 – 7344 – GPAJ – VZCJ – HD – SP – SPP – CDP – MEL – WDI – SPR requesting amendments to the L . A . General Plan Venice Community Plan , the certified Venice Local Coastal Program Land Use Plan and Venice Coastal Zone Specific Plan for a Zone Change for the Venice median from Open Space to Neighborhood Commercial Placed by stakeholder petition
2.  This Motion requests that the VNC send forward a letter to Councilman Mike Bonin showing the results from the community survey presented at last mont’s VNC Board Meeting.
  • 13A VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE IN COUNCILMEMBER BONIN (Nick Antonicello, [email protected] ,(310-621-3775)

    MOTION: Whereas, Councilman Mike Bonin has failed to properly represent the residents of Venice for years regarding the important issues of homelessness, gentrification, crime, parking and other quality of life issue,

    and Whereas, his inability to communicate and effectively represent Venice in a meaningful way is lacking, and Whereas, the stakeholders of Venice are seeking immediate and swift action on the issues of great concern, Therefore Be It Resolved, that the Venice Neighborhood Council support of vote of “No 

    Confidence” in his leadership and ability to represent this community and that he be notified by a copy of this resolution regarding our dissatisfaction with his ability to represent Venice.

    Placed by stakeholder petition.

These motions are so important that I hope you can make it.  The VNC really takes into account how many people show up to support a motion.  


Also, if you haven’t already, please email your letters in support of the motions to the VNC Board.  Here is and email address you can use that will send it to all of the board members in one email:  [email protected]

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