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The Comment Period Deadline for this Ordinance, October 30, 2017, is past.


Subject Line: Case CPC-2017-3136-CA — I Oppose the PSH Ordinance

Email Body: I am writing to express my opposition to the PSH Ordinance. The PSH Ordinance in its current form attempts to override the Coastal Act, the certified Venice Land Use Plan and the Venice Specific Plan.

Previously, the Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC), in order to protect surrounding properties to an OS (Open Space) zoned property, stated that the OS zoned property, when rezoned, would comply with the “‘most restrictive” zoning of the prevailing surrounding properties, which would be R-1.5 in relation to the Venice Median.

The new PSH ordinance would allow zoning to comply with the “least restrictive” meaning the highest zoning in the area within 1320 feet. The change in zoning alone would defeat the City’s stated purpose “to ensure that PSH projects are not out of scale with surrounding neighborhoods” as the new Ordinance allows for high-density zoning that will overwhelm adjoining single-family homes and our residential streets. The allowable increases in mass, scale and character of the new PSH projects will negatively impact all adjoining single family homes.

Furthermore, it makes no sense to accelerate major developments that will have irreversible effects on communities as the decisions made today for the new PSH projects will be contractually fixed for the next 55 years. Under the New PSH Ordinance projects would be eligible to request additional concessions and incentives which allow for modifications of allowable floor area calculation, setbacks, as well as current parking and open space requirements.

As per the City FAQ, the New Ordinance was developed based on a database of current PSH projects “information on project characteristics, as well as the types of entitlements requested. Additionally, the Department conducted site visits to the PSH projects, spoke with PSH residents and convened a working group of PSH developers, architects and other experts to fully understand the particular needs of PSH projects and residents. If in fact the City is going to take a responsible approach to building housing that affects the lives of the chronically homeless as well as the taxpaying citizens that are paying for the PSH projects, the City should not only be investigating the needs of the PSH projects but should be conducting do diligence research of the local neighborhood as well as the local residents. The LAMC is currently built to protect all those involved by requiring a full Environmental Review, CEQA report, and public hearings at every step of the process. To bypass the current LAMC regulations and write new biased guidelines in the form of a New PSH Ordinance is stripping the local residents of their right to participate in the democratic process of decisions that will directly affect those taxpayers funding the PSH projects through Measure HHH and Measure H.

A blanket PSH Ordinance is not the answer in a city with such vast differences in character and environment. The City would be irresponsible to neglect the current protocol of CEQA and Environmental review in Venice due to the environmental factors such as, location in a Tsunami Zone, exposure to Sea Level Rise, approximation to Fault Lines, the liquefaction of High Water Tables, increase in Traffic and the ability of Emergency Vehicles to pass while putting all chronically homeless and local residential inhabitants at risk. In the case of reductions of Open Space specific to the Venice Median PSH project, the City would be negating the California Coastal Commissions intended use of Open Space and therefore inhibiting everyone to have free access to the Beach.

If the new Ordinance is allowed to pass, it will have a profound and long-lasting negative impact on our neighborhood and a very small positive impact on the homeless crisis. I highly urge the opposition of the New PSH Ordinance.

Thank you,


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