Be Heard: I Demand That All Venice Residents Be Admitted to October 17 Town Hall


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Demand Mike Bonin and Eric Garcetti Stop the Games and Guarantee Venice Residents Admission to the October 17 VENICE Town Hall about the Massive MTA Lot Shelter Proposal!

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Subject Line: I Demand All Venice Residents Be Admitted to the October 17 Venice Town Hall!

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Dear Mayor Garcetti and Councilman Bonin:

I have just learned that, while you have re-opened registration for the October 17 “Town Hall” regarding the MTA Shelter in Venice in response to pressure from the Venice community, you have clearly continued your efforts to bar many Venice residents from the session and confine us to an overflow area outside of the meeting hall.

I further understand that the invitation to the event was sent to all of Council District 11 (even though Venice is the only community that will be affected by the MTA Shelter) and that, as usual, activists are being brought in from other areas by the busload.

This is an outrage!

All Venice residents have a right to be front and center on this crucial issue – whether they have a “reservation” or not – and your armies of activists have no business drowning out local voices. Overflow areas don’t cut it – if anything, we should get priority seating.

Please confirm immediately that every last Venice resident who wishes to attend will be admitted to the meeting hall at the October 17 event and that you will desist from disgusting, anti-democratic and downright insulting ploys like this in the future.

Venice is world famous for its big heart and open mind, but our patience with your games is wearing thin.



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