City Pushes New Ordinance Exempting Prop HHH Housing Projects From Size Limits and Stripping Local Residents of Power to Challenge Publicly-Funded Mega-Plexes in Residential Areas


In yet another flagrant attack on democracy and Westside working families, the LA City Planning Department has proposed an ordinance (with backing from the Venice Community Housing Corporation) that would completely exempt certain Prop HHH housing projects from environmental review and the City’s zoning approval process – the principal tools available to communities like ours in opposing oversized developments in residential areas.

If approved, Permanent Supportive Housing Ordinance, as it is called, would also exempt such projects from height limitations, density limitations, parking requirements and such applicable to private residential developments. For example, no parking spaces would be required for half of the units, setbacks would be reduced by 20%, and height limits would be increased by up to 35% — allowing for an additional story in some cases.

And, worst of all, the Ordinance would eliminate both public hearings and the right to appeal Planning Department decisions regarding PSH developments.

In other words, the City is giving developers like Venice Community Housing Corporation and its partner, Hollywood Community Housing Corporation, the go-ahead for bigger and denser projects than ever before, while simultaneously stripping taxpayers of the ability to protect their communities.

Click here for a copy of the ordinance: PSH Ordinance

All 3 of the massive housing projects Mike Bonin has planned for Venice – including the 2.8-acre project at the Venice Median, the 3.5-acre project at the MTA Lot, and the 2-acre project at Thatcher Yard – could potentially be affected by this ordinance.

We have to fight back.

Venice Vision will submit a response prepared by an environmental expert and our attorney to the City prior to the expiration of the public comment period on October 30th and if necessary we will also take legal action to ensure that the City complies with state law with regard to the enactment and implementation of the PSH Ordinance.

In the meantime, Venice residents also have to speak up!
Please Voice Your Opposition at the Public Hearings on the Ordinance

Monday, Sept 25,  5-7pm
Marvin Braude Constituent Service Center
First Floor Public meeting room 1A/1B
6262 Van Nuys Blvd
Van Nuys, CA 91401
Thursday, September 28,   5-7 pm
Los Angeles City Hall, Room 1060
200 N. Spring Street
Los Angeles, California 90012

 or by Email/Letter to the Cally Hardy in the City Planning Department [email protected] – prior to the October 30 close of the comment period.

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