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Thatcher Yard16-0600-S145_CA_07-05-2016 – Homeless and Poverty Committee ReportPublic Documents

Reese-Davidson CommunityLetter re Failure to Provide Public Notice – City Planning Meeting – Oct 22 2020FBV Letters, City Planning

Reese-Davidson CommunityLetter to Advisory Agency re Reese Davidson Community ProjectFBV Letters, City Planning

Reese-Davidson CommunityReese-Davidson Architectural PlansArchitecture

Reese-Davidson CommunityReese-Davidson City Planning ApplicationCity Applications

Reese-Davidson CommunityReese-Davidson Consolidated Schedule – Sept 2019Building Schedules

Reese-Davidson CommunityReese-Davidson Financial StatementsFinancials

Thatcher YardThatcher HHH-Commitment Letter ExecutedPublic Documents

Thatcher YardTSA Key Objective Memo from Oxford Triangle Association – Jan 2018Public Documents

Reese-Davidson CommunityVCHC In Lieu Park Fee Payment AgreementLegal Filings

Reese-Davidson CommunityVTT_82288_2020_10_22_DAA_Hrg_Venice_Vision_Comment_LtrFBV Letters, City Planning