Homeless and Poverty Committee Agenda 5-22-18 – “Safe Parking” LAMC 85.02


From the upcoming 5-22-18 Agenda of the City Council’s Homelessness and Poverty Committee.
1. Create Enforcement Buffer Zones around current “Safe Parking” zones.
2. Extend “Safe Parking” LAMC 85.02 for another 18 months and add to the List of “Safe Parking” zones.
1. Safe Parking on City Streets  
Proposing to guarantee an increased enforcement buffer zone of three blocks around currently existing “Safe Parking,” LAMC 85.02, designations on public streets.  This would apply to all of the City of Los Angeles. (see our Venice map and/or the LAPD Pacific Division maps below).  The City hopes to gain additional neighborhood support for the program, which has a “sunset” date of July 1, 2018.
“If communities could see a direct benefit to having services for the homeless in their neighborhoods, it would be easier to launch programs such as Safe Parking. For example, if there is a Safe Parking lot in a neighborhood, there should be increased enforcement of LAMC 85.02 within a three block radius of the program and a no vehicle dwelling restriction in that buffer zone.  
“I THEREFORE MOVE that the City Council Request the City Attorney and instruct LAPD and other relevant departments to report back on the current implementation of LAMC 85.02 and proposed amendments including the creation of an increased enforcement zone within a set distance from Safe Parking locations. 

The quote above mentions a “lot.”  However, the Municipal Code said “…regulations governing the use of vehicles for dwelling on public streets.”

Council Motion by Blumenfield and Bonin
Current “Safe Parking” map for Venice:
The  Los Angeles Police Department’s Pacific Division map.
The little “secret” about enforcement of the “Safe Parking” program.  Traffic enforcement can ONLY issue a parking ticket and only if there is proper signage.  ONLY the LAPD can cite the occupants.  This becomes dicey where there is a motor home, RVs, or a vehicle with coverings over the windows.  The police can only knock on a closed door.  The occupant does not have to answer.  The LAPD cannot enter without permission unless there could be a probable cause for something other than just being parked.
It will be very interesting to see the Report on the “Safe Parking” program that has been requested by the Committee.  Speculation is that it has not been very successful and the proposed “enforcement zone” would be the reply to an unfavorable report.
2.  Extend and Expand “SAFE PARKING” 

I THEREFORE MOVE that the City Council request the City Attorney to prepare and present an Ordinance to:

  1. Extend LAMC Section 85.02 for 18 months; and

  2. Add Safe Parking sites to list of areas where vehicle dwelling is restricted within one block radius which already includes residential streets, streets with school, pre­ school, daycare facility, or parks.

Council Motion:

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