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If you have reviewed this website, you can see that major change is afoot.

It isn’t change to improve schools, improve roads, support neighborhoods or enhance visitor experiences.

It isn’t change to improve the environment by replacing the aging water main systems or reducing stress on our electrical systems by increasing solar power usage.

It isn’t change to help us get home to our families┬ámore quickly or to support the many small businesses that commute in our area to provide their goods and services.

It isn’t change to support our public servants through the hiring of additional lifeguards for the popular beaches or more resources for the very busy fire and police forces.

It is change to transform our community into a centralized hub for the delivery of homeless housing and services for the entire western half of Los Angeles County, including cities other than Los Angeles, like Santa Monica, Malibu, Beverly Hills and Culver City.

Join us in fighting back for ourselves, our families, our neighbors and our community. Sign the petition, sign up for updates, and/or donate to support the legal work, communications and just plain hard work that goes into standing up to abuses from City Hall.

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