Legalized RV Parking Throughout Venice


Bonin claimed that LAMC 85.02, which he implemented in early 2017, would prevent car dwelling in residential areas and around other places frequented by children, such as parks and schools.

Bonin’s plan all along, however, was to turn Venice streets into supplemental housing by paving the way for car dwelling – in RVs, campers and passenger vehicles – on an unprecedented scale.

And he is succeeding.

LAMC 85.02, itself, has no meaningful enforcement mechanisms. As a matter of de facto policy, the City does not enforce parking restrictions as to vehicles used for car dwelling. And, in any event, 24/7 car dwelling is permitted (subject only to unenforced parking restrictions) on most of Venice’s major corridors including Rose, Abbot Kinney, Washington and Lincoln … in contrast to other parts of Bonin’s district, such as Pacific Palisades, where it is almost completely banned.

LAMC 85.02 Maps: Venice v. Pacific Palisades



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