Venice Median Lot


2.8 Acres at the Gateway to Venice Beach

The Venice Median Lot, which is currently used primarily for open air beach parking, sits at the Gateway to Venice Beach – in a residential area on Venice Boulevard between Pacific Avenue to the west and Dell Avenue to the east, 2 blocks from the beach near the base of the Venice Boardwalk.

Bonin selected the Venice Median Lot for development under Prop HHH in his role as the City Councilmember for Council District 11.

Measuring approximately 122,000 square feet – or 2.8 acres – the Venice Median Lot straddles the northernmost strip of the Grand Canal and actually comprises about 36 separate parcels, each of which is currently zoned “open space” and will require spot rezoning for construction.

The average size of lots designated for Prop HHH development in other parts of Los Angeles, by contrast, is about 40,000 square feet – less than 1/3 the size of the Venice Median Lot.

There is a cluster of private residences – including apartments, condominiums and single family homes – on the northeast corner of the Venice Median Lot that will be abutted by the Venice Median Project on two sides should the project be built.

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