Bonin Proposing Conversion of Metro Lot to Use for Homeless Services and Housing


We speculated what might happen. Seems it may very well occur. Change the original intent right now and use the METRO 6 lot on Main St. for homeless services and “temporary” housing!
In 2016 Councilman Mike Bonin proposed a number of projects to deal with homelessness (see photo below).  You’re most familiar with two of the major proposed projects in Venice.  One is the Venice Blvd “median” project on the public parking lot.  The other is the Thatcher Service Yard project in the Oxford Triangle. However, there is a third one.  The Metro District  6 lot project where they used to service the Metro buses at Sunset Ave between Pacific Ave and Main Street (map below).
Of crucial importance in this discussion is ownership, political influence, and money. The first two properties are owned by the City of Los Angeles. The third one is owned by the County of Los Angeles.  Specifically, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority aka METRO.  Mike Bonin is Chair of the LA City Council’s Transportation Committee but is also a member of the METRO Board of Directors along with Mayor Eric Garcetti.  “Bonin formally directed the LA Metro to begin the “joint development process” at a board meeting January 28, 2016. LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl co-sponsered the motion.”  Mike’s other connections with the City Council Committees.  He is on the Homeless and Poverty, Budget and Finance, and Trade Travel & Tourism.
For the past two to three years the Metro property has been undergoing environmental rehab.  The focus as we have been informed in there quarterly reports was for construction of homeless and affordable housing, which is in the METRO charter.
Now, this 3.5 acre parcel is being toted by LA County Transportation officials for homeless service and temporary housing.  Garcetti’s LA City woefully underfunded “Bridge to Home” political gambit is mentioned as an example of what is being proposing
Please read the article.  Many questions and concerned are asked.  But always keep in mind that something this big would not have been just proposed by some officials without first going up the political ladder for approval.
 LA Times article

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